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Hotels in Madurai

Spread along the rocky banks of the river Vaigai, in the state of Tamil Nadu, the modern industrial city is well known for the temples. The Gopurams of the Meenakshi Temple greet you as soon as one enters the city. The temple has for long been the focus of both Indian and international tourist attraction, apart from being the most important places of Hindu pilgrimage.

The city of Madurai is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu. It stands at the banks of the River Vaigai. It has got a rich cultural heritage with many of its temples. Some of these famous temples include the Sri Meenakshi - Sundareswarar Temple, Thirupparankundram Temple etc. The city is famous for its Jasmine flowers. Like other hotels in India, here at Madurai, tourists can find both Luxury Madurai Hotels as well as cheap Madurai Hotels that suiting various budgets.

Attractions of Madurai

Meenakshi Temple
This is a temple of major importance. It serves as the most important place of Hindu pilgrimage. There is also an Art Gallery of the temple that houses magnificent images carved in stone and brass. You can also find many South Indian scripts here.

Mariamman Teppakulam
This is a tank in Madurai. It houses an idol of Vinayaka or Vigneshwara installed on a platform in the centre. It is also the site of the temple's annual Teppakulam float festival.

Tirumalai Nayak Mahal
This palace is an Indo-Saracenic building constructed in the year 1523. The palace is known for depicting the architectural style of the Nayaks. The palace also houses an audience hall known as the Swarga Vilasam. The hall is known for holding shows on the life of Tirumalai Nayak and the story of Silappathikaram (a Tamil classic). These shows are held here every evening in both English and Tamil.

The Gandhi Museum
This museum is housed in the old palace of the Rani Mangammal. The museum provides a historical account on the Indian struggle for independence. You can also buy books on Gandhi from the shop available in the premises of this museum.

Azhagar Koil
This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is situated on the top of a wooded hill called Alagarmalai. The temple houses many sculptures of Lord Vishnu.

Koodal Alagar Temple
Koodal Alagar Temple is an ancient Vaishnavite temple. It has many beautiful sculptures depicting Vishnu in three poses-sitting, standing and reclining-one above the other.

Madurai Hotels

With the ever increasing number of visitors, the place has prepared itself with many Madurai Hotels. Many of these Hotels in Madurai are situated near to the Meenakshi Temple, the most visited in Madurai. Hotels in Madurai offer wide range of accommodation from which the tourists can choose from, depending on their budget and preference. The hotels of Madurai offer their valuable service to both leisure tourists and the pilgrims. The accommodation in the Madurai Hotels offers the tourists and the pilgrims with all the necessary amenities and facilities that are required while on a tour. The hotels in Madurai and the rooms of the hotel are well decorated and are furnished with modern amenities. The Hotels of Madurai provide 24 hours room service. The travel desk of the Madurai hotels helps the tourist in sight seeing and moving around in the city.

Tourists can find ample budget hotels in Madurai with discount deals on travel. Cheap Madurai hotels reservations can be made in advance to book cheap Madurai hotels rooms in order to make your trip more economical. Hotels in Madurai cater to all your needs in order to make your experience unforgettable.

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