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The sacred city of Puri, along with Bhunbaneshwar and Konark forms the golden triangle. For the followers of Hinduism the pilgrimage of the temples across India is not complete without making the journey to Puri. Lord Jagannath Temple is an important place of worship for Hindus.

The city serves as an important Hindu pilgrimage destination. The town has also got a beautiful beach. The white beach is exotic. The city also offers excellent shopping opportunities. Like other hotels in India, here at Puri, tourists can find both Luxury Puri Hotels as well as cheap Puri Hotels that suiting various budgets.

Attractions of Puri

Jagannath Temple
The temple is considered one of the holiest temples of India. It is dedicated to Lord of the Universe. It was built in the 12th century. It stands tall with a height of 65 meters. The architecture is in the Kalinga Style. It houses a hall and the main shrine.

Puri Beach
This is Puri's white sand beach. It is characterized by its sweets and snacks hawkers and the widespread white sand with the waters from Bay of Bengal continuously washing your feet while you walk.

Temple of Child Krishna at Indradyumna Tank
One of the many places to visit in Puri is the Indradyumna Tank which is famous for its religious importance and its relation to Lord Krishna. The temple has a Child Krishna temple nearby and a small shrine dedicated to King Indradyumna of Orissa.

Atharnala Bridge
The bridge was built in the 13th century over the Mandupur stream. It is situated at the entrance of the town and is considered to be an architectural marvel. This massive bridge of around 85x11 meters is still in use by the city dwellers here.

Puri Hotels

Puri has got many hotels available for tourist. As the city is more visited by Indians for religious purposes, the more preferred ones are the Budget Puri Hotels and accommodations. But this does not mean that are a scarcity of Luxury Luxury Hotels. Range of Hotels in Puri are available for all kinds of pockets.

Tourists can find ample budget hotels in Puri with discount deals on travel. Cheap Puri hotels reservations can be made in advance to book cheap Puri hotels rooms in order to make your trip more economical. Hotels in Puri cater to all your needs in order to make your experience unforgettable.

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