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To the time difference from the European states and the United States, it is always advisable to book a flight for overnight journey so that it fetches the proper time to take some rest.

Special care has to be taken while drinking water as this might not suite everybody and therefore it is advisable to buy packaged drinking water.

In terms of food restrictions, special meals could be requested at times of flight reservations as the food here in India is spicier in nature.

With strict rules to follow for the security reasons after the recent terrorism attacks- it is advisable to check in the counter with time as well as scrutinize the items that are carried.

Strictly mentionable is the fact that no packages are accepted from strangers.

Keep a watch as well as keep the flight attendant in touch in cases of sir sicknesses or feeling sick in sir travel.

Most importantly everybody is requested to report any unattended item to the local department.

The traveling to any new place shall not be devoid of the weather information of the area to keep the holiday in the most pleasurable mode.

Hotel Booking or reservation in advance not only saves hassles but also keeps the schedule and other wishlists going.

Negotiate and confirm the room tariff in terms of your currency as well as the local currency to avoid any kind of confusions.

Check well for the amenities provided by the hotel and the gadgets available in the room to avoid their carriage for personal causes.

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