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Weather in India

A huge geographical stretch as explained in land area circumspect, India varies heavily when it comes to the climate from its one tip to the other. We at Hotel Directory India do not just assist in terms of discount hotel reservations, budget accommodations and cheaper holidaying, but we stress on the fact that every detail about the tourist destination is provided in the best available format.

With four major climates in the nation: winter (January- February), summer (March- May), rainy season (June- September), and post-monsoon period (October- December), India is a land which invites tourists from all over the world throughout the year. With awesome beaches, vast plain lands, ample vegetation, huge dessert and the biggest mountains of the world present in this country- the climate of the country is more relevant according to the desired area that has to be visited.

At hotel directory- we mention all the details about the major tourist destinations in the country and thereby cover comprehensively the feature of climate within the detailed portion of our website.

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